Who I am &
What I do

Elena Letourneau
Sex and Relationship Coaching

I am a passionate student of humanity; how we work as individuals and in connection, from the intimate to the social. By the age of eighteen I knew I wanted to study psychology and also that I was too young and inexperienced to be a therapist. I set out to live more life. The expertise I have as a coach and mentor comes from my life experience, and a dedication to understanding myself and others with as much breadth and depth as possible. My formal education and training includes Socio-Cultural Studies at the undergraduate and graduate level, a master's program in Counseling Psychology, and a specialized certification in Sex and Relationship Coaching. 

I chose to become a coach instead of a traditional therapist for a few reasons. In coaching there is more freedom to define the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship and to focus on sexuality and pleasure. My philosophy is grounded in the belief that humans are wired for connection and that we are wounded and healed in relationship. Traditional therapy tends to focus on the wounding, the what-is-wrong in us, our partners, our sex lives, etc. Understanding dysfunction and its roots and causes is a critical part of growth but insight on its own can only take us so far. Facilitating discovery of what works, the what-is-right, and developing skills for that process is an integral part of coaching. New experiences, facilitated and practiced in sessions, rewire us and generate lasting change. My goal is to support people in realizing more acceptance and choice, and in having fulfilling relationships and amazing sex!

I am committed to prioritizing eroticism, pleasure, and connection, am excited by the potential for how much we can learn together, how fully we can love ourselves and one another, and the possibilities this offers for our transformation as individuals, in relationships, and for society as a whole.

How I Got Here

My personal story is not uncommon. After years in long term partnership and becoming a mother I lost touch with myself as a sexual person. I know now that a lack of knowledge contributed to the difficulties my partner and I faced. We didn’t have the skills to sustain desire and arousal over the long term. It was also challenging to avoid the subtle and not so subtle cultural messages that being a mother and being a sexual woman are mutually exclusive. Prior to being confronted with these challenges, I had always enjoyed sex and felt entitled to pleasure. It was disorienting to realize, years in, that I had lost my connection to and desire for sex and that it had kind of happened without me noticing. My journey to get it back turned out to be both personally and professionally transformative. 

I established my practice in 2014 and it has been the most fulfilling work I could ever imagine doing. I have the privilege of working with amazing clients many of whom have been long term, some short term, and some come and go. The coaching space is one in which real relationship is nurtured as the means for supporting, healing, teaching, mentoring, nourishing, and growing. Frequency, duration, and style are determined by the needs of all involved and the process is flexible and responsive.

How It Works

My experience, education, and training allows me to meet my clients where they are and support them in achieving their goals in a variety of areas including but not limited to:

• Communication skills

• Erotic empowerment

• Sexual function

• Navigating trauma and/or addiction

• Improving relationship dynamics

• Developing confidence as a lover

• Increasing self awareness, knowledge, and acceptance

My coaching practice centers erotic, emotional, and relational literacy as meaningful subjects of learning and skill building. Skills taught by centering:

Whether or not sex is the specific topic in any given session, work grounded in sexual literacy acknowledges the whole person. How we are shaped by our history, identity, and context. Self-awareness, self-acceptance, communication, boundaries, access to and enjoyment of pleasure are as important for great sex as they are for every aspect of our lives and relationships.

Feeling good, confident, empowered, free to enjoy pleasure for its own sake, is often challenging in a culture obsessed with the work ethic. An ethic of pleasure balances this by prioritizing exploration of what brings us durable joy; what restores, regenerates, arouses and lights us up. Pleasure is vital to our well being.

The Body
Our original source of knowledge, the body holds intelligence about our emotions, wants, needs, boundaries, wounds and capacity for healing. Embodied mindfulness offers a direct path to increasing self-awareness, changing old habits, patterns, and behaviors, regulating emotions, and improving the quality of relationship to self and others.

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